Wake Package

Wake Package

7 Selections – $22.00 per person
9 Selections – $24.00 per person
11 Selections – $26.00 per person

Minimum 30 Guests

All selections served with accompanying sauces and continuous tea & coffee.

Please select from the following choices:

Assortment of fresh sandwiches
Cocktail spring rolls (v)
Cheese and spinach triangles (v)
Homemade fish cocktails with tartare
BBQ chicken skewers
Calamari rings with tartare
Charlie’s famous chicken bites with a honey and chilli sauce
Beef meat balls with a sweet chilli sauce
BBQ sweet chilli chicken wingettes
Assorted petite pizzas
Mini quiche Lorraine
Mini sausage rolls
Mini meat pies
Mini pasties
Vegetable samosas (v)
Cheese pastizzis (v)
Sea salt & rosemary fries
Assorted Belgian mini cakes & pastries

Additional Options:

Antipasto platter $4.50 per person
Seasonal fresh fruit platter $4.50 per person