Important Covid-19 Temporary Golf Rules

  1. Social Distancing is mandatory

Please keep a safe 1.5m distance from other players at all times and use only one set of clubs. Two people are now allowed per cart.

  1. Bunkers

All rakes have been removed from bunkers. We ask players to smooth the bunker with the feet or their club as best they can. Bunkers will therefore not be smoothed as effectively as normal and as such so all bunkers will have a 1 club length preferred lie no nearer to the hole. Ball can be placed.

  1. Flagsticks

So as to avoid touching flag sticks, all flagsticks MUST remain in their holes untouched. The cups will be placed upside down making the hole shallower than normal therefore making it easier to remove the ball without touching the flag stick or the hole cup. Please note that if the ball is seen to go into the hole by your fellow playing partners, it will count as being holed, even if it jumps out.

  1. Scorecards

All players are to mark their own score card and to verbally agree their total scores at the end of the round with their playing partner. We suggest marking your playing partners score in the marker column on the card. Remember, honesty and integrity are integral to golf.
Every player must then place his/her own card into the box provided outside the Pro Shop. Someone from the Advisory Committee will scan and save all competition cards. Any discrepancies will be left uncorrected and the player possibly disqualified.

  1. Nearest to Pins

These should be handled with the glove hand only or a towel and sanitise your hands afterwards.

Take Care and please stay healthy. Practice social distancing and good hygiene.



The Advisory Committee