Wedding Buffet Menu

Wedding Buffet Menu

Minimum of 60 adults

Choice of 5 hot dishes, 4 salads, 4 sides and 1 dessert

Hot Selection

Grilled sea perch with a mustard butter sauce

Braised beef cheeks with a rich red wine sauce, shallots and pancetta (gf)

Homemade cabbage rolls with slow cooked pork neck and spicy pork sausage (gf)

Red Thai chicken curry with fragrant jasmine rice (gf)

Slow-cooked rosemary, garlic and herb roasted lamb (gf)

Grilled chicken fillets with a honey mustard sauce (gf)

Crispy honey chilli chicken

Home-made creamy chicken curry with steamed jasmine rice

Vegetable lasagne (V)

Pumpkin and ricotta ravioli with a creamy Napoletana sauce and parmesan (v)


Selection of cakes, gateaux, tarts and pastries with fresh whipped cream Assorted cupcakes with icing and fresh whipped cream


Fresh garden salad with tomato, cucumber and Italian dressing

Coleslaw with carrots, cabbage, onion and parsley

Homemade Russian salad with potato, egg, capers and flat leaf parsley

Baby beetroot, carrot and feta salad with fresh mint and a light sweet sauce

Crunchy Asian noodle salad with Chinese cabbage, pine nuts and a tangy dressing

Penne pasta salad with celery, salami, Spanish onion, tomato and feta


Side Selection
Homemade creamy baked potato

Steamed fragrant jasmine rice (GF)

Fresh seasonal vegetables in garlic butter (GF)

Twice-cooked roasted baby potatoes with herb seasoning

Hokkien noodles with Asian vegetables


Tea & Coffee Station